MNG Maritime

MNG Training Services

MNG Maritime can offer a range of tailored individual and collective training services:

  • On-board training for Maritime Security Operators MSOs
  • Maritime military training for individuals and teams
  • Operational training for maritime organisations

On-board training

  • MNG Maritime are able to offer training on both of our Vessel Based Armouries, supporting our clients’ needs in meeting the standards required by ISO 28007.
  • Training is delivered by our own ex-UK Royal Marines Platoons Weapons Instructors Class 1 (PW1) to MSOs preparing to deploy onto client platforms.

    Training Courses:

    • Initial and refresher MSO training
    • Maritime Firearms Competency course – includes weapon handling tests and live firing. MNG Maritime or client’s weapons and ammunition may be used.
    • Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) familiarisation – tailored to the individual PMSC’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and drills.


    Maritime Military Training

    In line with our Broader Tasks concept, other training services are available, to be arranged to the client’s needs.  Accessing the skill sets and experience of MNG Maritime’s personnel, training can be organised across a wide range of maritime and military tactics, techniques and practises for individuals and groups, including (but not exclusively):

    • coxswain and crew training
    • boat maintenance
    • boarding operations
    • boat launching & recovery, including davit ops
    • small arms and support weapons training
    • armoury and stores management
    • patrolling skills – land and maritime
    • team leadership

    Operational Training

    Operational training can also be arranged to support established organisations employed in such roles as:

    • coastguard duties
    • fishery protection
    • anti-poaching (riverine/littoral)
    • maritime security roles – vessels and permanent platforms/installations
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