MNG Maritime is now able to offer clients full PCR testing on board MNG Pembroke in the Gulf of Oman and MNG Captain James Cook in the Red Sea, in order to give shipping companies the best possible reassurance that embarked maritime security teams are infection free.

Whilst no test is 100% reliable, PCR testing is globally recognised to be the “gold standard” against which all other tests are measured. Many countries, including the UK, now require PCR tests prior to arrival.

The technology making this possible is supplied by Randox Laboratories based in Belfast, a cooperation partner of Bosch Healthcare Solutions.

The offshore facility is provided in a partnership with Medical Support Offshore (MSOS), based in Southampton, who provide our medical and clinical direction/supervision.

The machine itself performs all of the functions of a laboratory internally and is simple to operate with minimal training, delivering results in 30-40 mins, with the whole test procedure taking no more than an hour.

Please contact if you want more information on either the process or pricing.