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MNG Maritime was built from the bottom up to offer high quality logistic, storage and transfer services to Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) operating in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea.

The founders spent well over a year working closely with governments, especially the UK Government, PMSCs, ship owners, insurers, military and law enforcement bodies and industry organisations (such as BIMCO, SAMI, SCEG and ICoC) to create a service which addressed all of the concerns about so-called floating armouries – specifically security, transparency, accountability, licensing, control, access, legitimacy and competence.

As a result, MNG Maritime were in a position to launch their first service in the Gulf of Oman in October 2013, the first such service to be licensed by the UK Government’s Export Control Organisation (ECO) specifically to operate a floating armoury.

MNG Maritime delivers a cost-effective, safe and secure, demand-driven service, in which licensing governments, flag and coastal states, law enforcement organisations and PMSCs can have full confidence. We operate transparently to the highest ethical standards and deliver a world-class service to our growing number of clients.

As the operation has matured, MNG Maritime has grown both the size of the armoury ships and the range of services offered.  Bespoke and powerful software allows us to track all components of the specialist equipment placed in storage on the armouries, and whilst in transit. 

Weapon maintenance and servicing by professional armourers, and on-board military training are available on both the Red Sea and Indian Ocean floating armouries.  


A reliable shuttle service is provided, transferring Maritime Security Operators (MSO) to and from the respective airport to the armoury, via vehicle and craft, including all visa and customs management. 

MNG Maritime’s experience and knowledge has continued to develop, driven by the goal of the highest possible standards, and expanded to operations in SE Asia.  

MNG Maritime’s strong reputation for high standards, safety and delivery in the field of enabling logistics is not restricted to armoury and maritime security services.  Complex operations in high risk environments demand robust, reliable and effective support. MNG Maritime are ready to employ their skills, knowledge and people to support your current and future missions, collaborating towards assured and successful outcomes.  

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