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MNG Maritime can now offer UK government accredited COVID testing on both MNG Pembroke in the Gulf of Oman and MNG Captain James Cook in the Red Sea, in order to give shipping companies the best possible reassurance that embarked maritime security teams are infection free.

Whilst no test is 100% reliable, PCR testing is globally recognised to be the “gold standard” against which all other tests are measured. Many countries now require PCR tests prior to arrival. The technology making this possible is supplied by Randox Laboratories based in Belfast, a cooperation partner of Bosch Healthcare Solutions. The offshore facility is provided in a partnership with Medical Support Offshore (MSOS), based in Southampton, who provide our medical and clinical direction/supervision.

We currently offer the below tests on our platforms;

PCR Testing

This facility is now available on both platforms, and is the accepted “gold standard” for COVID testing, in that it is the measure against which the other tests are calibrated.  This test is more expensive (due to the costs involved), but is there for those whose shipping clients require it. For clients requiring tests for shipping companies, we will provide an electronically-signed pdf version for e-mailing to the Master of the receiving vessel. The whole test procedure takes no more than an hour.

Antigen Testing

These are widely accepted tests.  Reliability in lab conditions is 97%, although it is lower on the ground and very dependent on the quality of the sample; poor sample-taking being the main cause of reduced reliability.  MNG personnel undergo swab training, so although not medical personnel (doctors or nurses) they have been trained to swab, so sampling should be better than the home swabs which have caused the reduced reliability.

Antibody Testing

As a means of detecting a previous infection they are relatively reliable, but since that is not the purpose of testing on board our platforms, we are discontinuing these tests when current supplies run out. For some time, we have not been using these as a test for protecting our ships, but if your clients require us to use them to protect theirs, we will facilitate for as long as we have stocks.



For those signing off personnel through Muscat, whose airlines, or destinations require PCR testing, we can execute this on the morning that they depart MNG Pembroke, with a printed result which enables them to fly the same evening without incurring costs ashore while a result is awaited.  We have already processed off-signers in this way, with no issues.

Off-signers will be given a signed stamped certificate, as well as the machine printout to use.

For personnel travelling (off-signing) to countries where Antigen tests are accepted, we are happy to provide certificates as required.

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