Broader Tasks

MNG Maritime

Broader Tasks

  • MNG Maritime increasing scope and scale of core VBA business.
  • Opportunities to use the acquired skill sets and experience for wider tasks.
  • Consider your own specialist logistical support and training needs – can MNG Maritime assist?

MNG Maritime continue to expand their operations.  The floating armouries in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Oman have increased in size and in the standard and range of services offered.

PMSCs can also take advantage of our exclusive arrangements with national maritime guard forces in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, in order to provide security for ships transiting the Sulu and Celebes Sea.

The challenge of delivering and sustaining these operations has created a wealth of experience throughout the company, and an extensive knowledge base and contacts network in this field.  MNG Maritime has ready access to skilled operations personnel, supported by a 24/7 operations control team armed with a bespoke management system, and directed by seasoned leaders from the military, private security and financial sectors.

We are confident this knowledge and experience, matched by our commitment to the highest professional standards, can meet similar and wider requirements. This may be logistic and enabling support to new or current operations, specialist training or complete discrete tasks – in both the maritime and land domains, and where the environment is high risk and challenging.


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