Client Registration


For new clients, we request you fill in a Client Information Form. This will provide us with the necessary contact and inventory details to enable effective planning.

For UK companies to use MV Sea Patrol, the vessel will need to be appended to the Company’s OGTCL(MAP). This can be done by submitting BIS form A3PFA to the Export Control Organisation. A completed form A3PFA for Sea Patrol is available here.

Book a Transfer Request


To book a new transfer request, please fill in a Transfer Request Form and email to

Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Compliance Requirements

MNG Maritime will only embark weapons and controlled goods that have been legally procured. Clients wishing to employ our services will be invited to submit copies of the respective End User Certificates (EUCs), purchase receipts or equivalent the first time they embark a specific weapon (these will be held on our system, tagged to the weapon), in accordance with ISO 28007 requirements. In addition we will require a copy of the Company’s national import/export licence, or equivalent. We invite Companies who plan to use our services regularly, both in the GOO and in the Red Sea, to effect this activity for their complete inventory at their convenience to enable subsequent smooth and efficient booking of services.

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