A New Standard in Floating Armouries

MNG Maritime are pleased to announce their forthcoming charter of the ex-RMS St Helena, a uniquely-designed cargo and passenger vessel combination, which eminently suits the role of maritime security support vessel. The ship, at almost 7,000 gross tonnes, has been acquired for us by Tahiti Shipping Limited, and has been renamed MNG Tahiti, and re-flagged with the St Kitts and Nevis Registry.

As with all previous MNG logistic support vessels, MNG Tahiti will be subject to the licensing and rigorous audit regimes of both the UK and St Kitts, ensuring that the controlled goods licensed specifically for counter piracy tasking, are used solely in that role and not diverted to other tasks nor fall into the wrong hands. MNG Maritime’s held ISO 28000 and 28007 accreditions, attest to the highest possible industry standards, that MNG Maritime uniquely achieves.

MNG Tahiti provides levels of accommodation and storage for maritime security operators and their equipment, combined with the in-house training regimes that MNG conducts on board, which will set another new industry standard, and ensure that security guards are properly rested and recuperated, as well as being professionally prepared for their forthcoming task. Ship owners and CSOs can remain absolutely certain that a security team embarked from an MNG platform is supplied by a Private Maritime Security Company that exceeds all industry standards, as well as complying in all respects with international law. Personnel deployed from MNG platforms exceed the training standards set out in ISO 28007, employ firearms that are legal, licensed and owned by the PMSC contracted to the task, and those weapons will have been checked and serviced by MNG’s on board armourer, prior to embarkation.

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