MNG Maritime

Integrated logistics, transport, storage and training services in complex and high risk environments

What We Do

MNG Maritime offers market leading logistics support, accommodation, storage, training and transfer services, currently operating in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and South East Asia.

Vessel Based Armouries

MNG Maritime’s Vessel Based Armouries were the first to be licensed by the UK Government’s Export Control Organisation (ECO), specifically to operate a vessel based armoury.


MNG Maritime provides on board military training and assessments, including live firing, to refresh and ensure operator competence for imminent tasking.


MNG Maritime holds an exclusive agreement for coordinating and managing ship security tasks in the tri-border region of Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia (with their respective maritime guarding forces)

Broader tasks

MNG Maritime’s vision is to broaden this offering to global customers seeking our experience, skill sets and highly qualified people to deliver logistic and training solutions to their own demanding requirements.

MNG Operational Locations

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